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Sunday 15 September

19.00 - 22.00 - Welcome Reception - RIXOS Hotel, Libertas

Monday 16 September


Welcome - V Bilas, University of Zagreb and G McConnell, University of Strathclyde 


Chair - V Bilas, University of Zagreb
Security applications of magnetic sensors
Professor Pavel Ripka, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic




Session 1: Optical Sensors
Chair - G McConnell, University of Strathclyde

10.45-11.05 Plastic optical fibre sensor for spine bending monitoring 
M A Zawawi1,2, S O'Keeffe1 and E Lewis1, 1University of Limerick, Ireland, 2Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia 
11.05-11.25 Integration of leaky waveguide detection with electrowetting on dielectric digital
R Gupta and N Goddard, University of Manchester, UK
11.25-11.45  Detection and classification of orange peel on polished steel surfaces by interferometric microscopy
M L Miranda-Medina, P Somkuti and B Steiger, AC2T Research GmbH, Austria 
11.45-12.05  Stability comparison between two optical refractometer techniques   
S A Chowdhury, E Chehura, R Correia, D Francis, J Hodgkinson and R P Tatam, Cranfield University, UK
12.05-12.25 Development of dithizone based fibre optic evanescent wave sensor for heavy metal ion detection in aqueous environments  
K Bhavsar, R Prabhu and P Pollard, Robert Gordon University, UK
12.25-12.45 Investigation of finger reflectance photoplethysmography in volunteers undergoing a local sympathetic stimulation 
H Njoum and P Kyriacou, City University London, UK



Session 2: Smart Sensors, Sensor Modelling
Chair - A Tickle, Coventry University 

14.00-14.20  Interface electronics for an RF resonance-based displacement sensor
E Asua1, V Etxebarria1, A García-Arribas1, J Feutchwanger1, J Portilla1, and J Lucas2
1Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU), Spain, 2Elytt Energy, Spain
14.20-14.40 Sensor interface for multimodal evaluation of capacitive sensors
T Schlegl and H Zangl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
14.40-15.00 Detection of the short-circuit faults in the stator winding of induction motors based on harmonics of the neighboring magnetic field 
V Fireteanu
University of Bucharest, Romania
15.00-15.20  Empowering smartphone users with sensor node for air quality measurement
D Oletic and V Bilas, University of Zagreb, Croatia
15.20-15.50 Refreshments
15.50-18.00 Poster Session


Tuesday 17 September


Chair - G McConnell, University of Strathclyde
(KEYNOTE) New tricks with old sensors:  pervasive technologies for novel application
Dr Geoff Merrett, University of Southampton, UK

10.15-10.45 Refreshments

Session 3:  Electromagnetic sensors

Chair - V Bilas, University of Zagreb

10.45-11.05  Analytical modelling of soil effects on electromagnetic induction sensor for humanitarian demining
D Vasić, D Ambruš and V Bilas
University of Zagreb, Croatia
11.05-11.25  Classification of metallic targets using a single frequency component of the magnetic polarisability tensor
J Makkonen1,3 , L A Marsh2, J Vihonen1, A Visa1, A Järvi3 and A J Peyton2

1Tampere University of Technology, Finland, 2University of Manchester, UK, 3Rapiscan Systems Oy, Finland

11.25-11.45 Long range magnetic localization- accuracy and range study
J Vcelak1, A Zikmund2 and J Kral2
1CTU-University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings, Czech Republic, 2CTU-Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Republic
11.45-12.05  Active induction balance method for metal detector sensing head utilizing transmitter-bucking and dual current source
D Ambruš, D Vasić and V Bilas
University of Zagreb, Croatia 
12.05-12.25 Evaluation of uncertainty in AC power calculation with asynchronously sampled data
D Lindenthaler and H Zangl
Graz University of Technology, Austria
12.25-12.45  Defect detection of the weld bead based on electromagnetic sensing
B M Abdullah, A Mason and A Al-Shamma'a
Liverpool John Moores University, UK



Session 4: Magnetic sensors and glacial monitoring
Chair - H Zangl, University of Graz

14.00-14.20  Magnetic sensing for microstructural assessment of power station steels: Magnetic Barkhausen noise and minor loop measurements
J W Wilson1, N Karimian1, W Yin1, J Liu2, CL Davis2, and A J Peyton1
1University of Manchester, UK, 2University of Birmingham, UK
14.20-14.40  Magnetic sensing for microstructural assessment of power station steels: Differential permeability and magnetic hysteresis
N Karimian1, J W Wilson1, W Yin1, J Liu2, CL Davis2, and A J Peyton1
1University of Manchester, UK 2University of Birmingham, UK
14.40-15.00 Enhancing performance of wireless sensor networks in glacial environments using wake-up receivers
V Jelicic1, D Cesarini2 and V Bilas1
1University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2University of Pisa, Italy
15.00-15.20  From single point of measurement to distributed sensing in long-term glacier monitoring
D Cesarini1, V Jelicic2, V Bilas2 and M Avvenuti1
1University of Pisa, Italy, 2University of Zagreb, Croatia
15.20-15.50 Refreshments

Session 5: Sensors for biology and medicine, fluid sensors
Chair - D Vasic, University of Zagreb

15.50-16.10  A fluidic cell embedded electromagnetic wave sensor for online indication of neurological impairment during surgical procedures
R.T. Blakey, A. Mason and A.I. Al-Shamma'a
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
16.10-16.30 Arm and wrist surface potential mapping for wearable ECG rhythm recording devices: a pilot clinical study

W D Lynn1, O J Escalona1, D J McEneaney2
1University of Ulster, UK, 2Cardiovascular Research Unit, Craigavon Area Hospital, UK

16.30-16.50 Detection of gamma-radiation and heavy metals using electrochemical bacterial-based sensor
M Al-Shanawa1,2, A Nabok1, A Hashim1, T Smith1, S Forder1
1Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2University of Basra, Iraq 
16.50-17.10  Drive system alignment calibration of a microgravity drop tower of novel design
J Trunins1, B P Osborne2 and A Augousti1
1Kingston University, UK, 2The University of New South Wales, UK
17.10-17.30 Improvements to zirconia thick-film oxygen sensors

W C Maskell1, 2, D J L Brett2 and N P Brandon1
Imperial College London, UK, 2University College London, UK
♣ The work was carried out at Sensox Ltd, a company which subsequently went into liquidation

17.30-17.55  NI measurement systems for any sensors in any applications
A Drozg, National Instruments, Hungary

Wednesday 18 September



Chair - K Ozanyan - The University of Manchester, UK

 09.15-10.15 (KEYNOTE) From Hemodynamic towrds cardiomechanic sensors in implantable devices Ferek-Petric, CCDS, MEDTRONIC CRDM Adriatic Region 
10.15-10.45 Refreshments 

Session 6: General sensors
Chair - A Peyton, University of Manchester, UK

10.45-11.05 Development of device producing electrolyzed water for home care
K Umimoto1, S Nagata1, and J Yanagida2
1Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan, 2Kobe Tokiwa University, Kobe Japan
11.05-11.25 Real-time microwave sensor for KCl, MnCl2 and CuCl solutions concentration with Ag patterns printed on flexible substrates
M Ortoneda-Pedrola, O Korostynska , A Mason and A I Al-Shamma'a
Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK 
11.25-11.45 Abilities of Raman sensor to probe pollutants in water
K Ben Mabrouk1,2, T H Kauffmann1,2 and M D Fontana1,2
1Université de Lorraine, France, 2Supélec, Laboratoire Matériaux Optiques, France 
11.45-12.05 Hard-field tomography imaging in secondary contrast
J A Cantoral Ceballos, M P Wood, N Nurgiyatna, M A Banuelos Saucedo, P Wright and K B Ozanyan 
University of Manchester, UK
12.05-12.25 Advanced sensors for accurate, broadband AC voltage metrology
T E Lipe, J R Kinard, D B Novotny, and J E Sims
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA 
12.25-12.45 A matched Bow-tie antenna at 433MHz for use in underwater wireless sensor networks
A A Abdou, A Shaw, A Mason, A Al-Shamma'a, J Cullen, S Wylie and M Diallo
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
12:45 Lunch

Poster programme

Posters will be on display for the duration of the event with a dedicated poster session on Monday 16 September at 15.20 - 18.00. Please note that during this poster session, authors should be next to their boards to answer questions and facilitate discussions on their work. Posters can be mounted from 08:30 on Monday 16 September. All posters must be removed by 12:45 on Wednesday 18 September. Although organisers will endeavour to save poster material, no guarantee can be made for posters not removed by this time.

P.1 Real-time sensing of NaCl solution concentration at microwave frequencies using novel Ag patterns printed on flexible substrates
O Korostynska, Liverpool John Moores University, UK 
P.2  A Study on signal group processing of AUTOSAR COM module
T-M Han, ETRI, South Korea 
P.3 Hydrogen sensing using reduced graphene oxide sheets supported by Pd nanoparticles
R Yatskiv, Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Academy of Sciences CR, v.v.i. Czech Republic 
P.4 Rigorous modelling of light's intensity angular-profile in Abbe refractometers with absorbing homogeneous fluids
A Garcia-Valenzuela, UNAM, Mexico 
P.5 Spectral response analysis of PVDF capacitive sensors
A Garcia-Valenzuela, UNAM, Mexico 
P.6 Investigation of the significance of the 'body effect' on sensitivity to metallic objects in a walk-through metal detector
L Marsh, University of Manchester, UK 
P.7 Optical detection of microcystin produced by cyanobacteria
R Al-Ammar, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
P.8 A novel optical sensor platform designed for wireless sensor networks
S Yang, City University London, UK 
P.9 A Quasi-Monte Carlo solution for the mutual inductance of misaligned circular coils
L Babić, Končar KET, Croatia 
P.10 The use of nanotechnology in the development of a distributed fibre-optic temperature sensor for subsea applications
G McDowell, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK 
P.11 Low frequency noise of anisotropic magnetoresistors in DC and AC-EXCITED metal detectors
M Janosek , Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic 
P.12  Pervasive sensing: addressing the heterogeneity problem
M O'Grady, University College Dublin, Ireland 
P.13 Calibrations of phase and ratio errors of current and voltage channels of energy meter
P Mlejnek, UCEEB CTU, Czech Republic 
P.14 Optical sensor for heat conduction measurement in biological tissue
C Sánchez-Pérez, CCADET UNAM, Mexico 
P.15  Channel equalization for indoor lighting communications networks
S Hadjiloucas, University of Reading, UK 
P.16 Smart-phone based electrocardiogram wavelet decomposition and neural network classification
S Hadjiloucas, University of Reading, UK 
P.17 Emotional recognition from the speech signal for a virtual education agent
A Tickle, Coventry University, UK
P.18 Use of an infrared thermometer with laser targeting in morphological scene change detection for fire detection
A Tickle, Coventry University, UK 
P.19 Wearable sensor network for health monitoring: the case of Parkinson disease
M T Arredondo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
P.20  Non-invasive measurement of cholesterol in human blood by impedance technique: an investigation by 3D finite element field modelling
E Aristovich, City University London, UK
P.21  Pilot study: Assessing repeatability of the EcoWalk platform resistive pressure sensors to measure plantar pressure during barefoot standing
M Zequera, Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Columbia